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IANA Update
Leo Vegoda, IANA
AfriNIC Update
Adiel Akplogan
PDF mp4
APNIC Update
Geoff Huston
PDF mp4
ARIN Update
John Curran
PDF mp4
Raul Echeberria
PDF mp4
ASO Address Council Update
Dave Wilson
PDF mp4
NRO Update
Axel Pawlik
PDF SlideShare mp4
NRO Statistics
Andrea Cima
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Plenary 11:00 12:30 ZIP STENO
IPv6 Study by the European Commission
Per Blixt
PDF mp4
Draft Survey of IPv6 Deployment in 2010
Maarten Botterman
ISOC IPV6 Deployment Day
Mat Ford/Leslie Daigle
PDF mp4
ENISA Report on Routing Security
Benno J. Overeinder
PDF mp4
Plenary 14:00 15:30 ZIP STENO
Traffic in
Geoff Huston and George Michaelson
PDF mp4
BGP Churn Evolution: A Perspective From the Core
Amund Kvalbein
PDF mp4
Ben Stasiewicz
PDF mp4
IPv6 Working Group 16:00 18:00 [minutes] ZIP STENO
A. Administrative Matters mp4
B. IPv6 at Web Clients and Caching Resolvers
Emile Aben, RIPE NCC
PDF SlideShare mp4
C. IETF v6ops Activity
Kurt Lindqvist, Netnod
PDF mp4
D. CPE Overview
Marco Hogewoning, XS4ALL
PDF mp4
E. IPv6 WorldWide Policy Review
Filiz Yilmaz, RIPE NCC
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F. Mobile Broadband and IPv6 in Slovenia
Jan Zorz,
PDF mp4
Hurricane Electric Demo
Martin Levy, Hurricane Electric
G. Update on Recent RIPE NCC IPv6 Activity
Chris Buckridge, RIPE NCC
PDF SlideShare mp4
H. IPv6 Working Group Brainstorming
Y. Input for the RIPE NCC Activity Plan
Input from the audience
Z. A.O.B. and WrapUp
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